Animals have been a major part of my life since the 80's.  I will share some of our adventures and photos of these wonderful friends.
Meet Callie. She is 8. When we lived in way Upstate NY, near Canada, Callie plopped into our lives. Keeping in mind that at the time we had 13 very large wolfhounds. Callie was very small. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and lightly snowing.  Deb went out to get some stuff in the a.m. and said there was a little dog at the end of the drive-which was 1,000 feet long.  There were plenty of dogs in the area so I did not give it a second thought.  For supper that night, I went out to get a pizza. Well, the dog was still at the end of the drive, wet and cold. Being a sucker for animals, I scoffed her up and brought her to the house. This caused a stir with the dogs and the little shit barked at them all and they backed off. She was maybe 6 months old. Her first meal with us was pizza, which all of our dogs have loved but they sure as hell would not get near hers. It was quite funny to see this little thing bullying these huge dogs.  Not being able to find the owner, we think she was just dumped, Callie has been a part of our lives every since-she rules the roost and is the apple of my heart.