By the time we moved back to Maine from NY, we were down to 3 wolfhounds and Callie. Then, just before we moved, a "friend" brought over a border collie pup-that was mean as my wife is a sucker for pups. Having lost 10 dogs over the years-all, except one, to age, the idea of more dogs was not my favorite topic. Obviously, with so many dogs, it was hard to get away for any long stretch. Also, at the time we had 7 horses (another story for later), chickens, goats, etc.  But, a cute puppy was not to be denied a home so Sagan came into our lives. If any of you have a border collie-you know there passion is fetching-they love to play Frisbee but any stick will do. Actually, they are obsessive about fetching. Not stop-fetching!!!! But we love him and he has been a joy-most of the time.