In JESUS TAUGHT IT, TOO! THE EARLY ROOTS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, Philip Harris examines over 70 quotes from the Master.  He shows that, contrary to recent claims and "revelation," The "Law of Attraction" has not been a "Secret" after all.  Instead, it has been there for all to see for over two thousand years. THIS TITLE HAS BEEN IN THE TOP 2% ON AMAZON SINCE OCTOBER 2007. It was previously published by Avatar Publication but is now HOME with ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS.

For those who reject the secret of the universe in favor of religious speculation, here's a sermon of universal truth from the master prophet Himself. There will be no denying this evidence. From the agnostic to the evangelical, if this doesn't convince you, nothing will. Harris' work is easy to read and digest. He offers sometimes complex ideas in accessible ways so that any reader of any age can grasp the meaning of his words. This is a remarkable read, a must-read.

 Brian Doe, Co-Author, WAKING GOD, Author, barley and gold


The Law of Attraction is not a newly revealed secret, it was taught by a very humble man of God more than 2000 years ago. "Jesus Taught It, Too: The Early Roots of the Law of Attraction," by Philip Harris presents a compelling argument that the Law of Attraction is not a modern paradigm shift. Harris portrays the teachings of Jesus and his followers as a mindset that requires knowing one's inner meaning that comes from the heart. Jesus, referenced in multiple scriptural references, espoused the firm belief that faith is based on knowing...not hoping.
Harris' in-depth research of Biblical scripture and history offers unique perspectives and well-founded premises to support his discussion of Jesus' simple message. According to Harris, Jesus taught that we live in a unified universe, free of judgment, in which we are seeking our individual spirituality. Organized religion is a man-made institution that teaches the faithful about the dogma of good, evil, sin and a punitive God. The New Age movement is not truly new, according to Harris. Since the early 1800's the movement has taught the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations and has included such followers as Alcott, Emerson and Thoreau. Man has sought to analyze spiritual thought and seek their inner Christ through visualization since the Apostles first sat at the foot of their Master.
"Jesus Taught It, Too..." explores the concept that a true meditative state is found only when you are free of emotional, spiritual, and physical baggage. Through the recognition that God is not exclusionary you can reap physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional wealth. Doubt will ensure failure.
"Jesus Taught It, Too..." presents complex theocratic beliefs in simple, straight-forward language. The Law of Attraction addresses the powerful influence of positive thinking in the acquisition of physical and material needs. Jesus taught that by applying these same principals to one's spiritual life, one's physical and material needs will be met as a natural result of their application. Harris challenges the reader to "believe in the best with an inner conviction...and it will manifest in your life." This book's intriguing but down-to-earth message will appeal to any reader seeking to broaden their spiritual horizon.

Shannon Evans "My Writing Mentor" (Seattle, WA) 


Ahmed Jamal who lives in Jordan.  "Jesus Taught It, Too is truly a beautiful book - and I rarely use the word beautiful when it comes to books! I just couldn't put it down - the combination of the message of Jesus along with Philip Harris' way of putting it in written prose is really like music to the soul. You'll just want to read it again and again."


Excellent Book!!! It was a true awakening for me. Excellent way of explaining the law of attraction! I really enjoyed reading this book. Marina Chakhalyan

Philip Harris has provided us with an inspiring, thought provoking view into the words spoken by Jesus, who knew The Secret and despite having shared his knowledge freely, many heard but didn't listen. This book will make you stand up on your toes and realize just how powerful the words of Jesus really were. No matter what your religious beliefs are this book will educate you to not just hear, but to listen and to apply what it is that you learn, allowing you the capability of having a bountiful and prosperous today and every day thereafter.

Katrina Stiles "WritingWithStiles (New Port Richey, FL)


In a day and age where "Jesus" and "God" have practically become four letter words, author Harris dares to dig into the Bible and present Jesus to modern man in a new, non-traditional (in organized Christian church terms) fashion. Harris is a very innovative spiritualist writer, and he has done another fine job in producing this work. Drawing strictly on the quotes of Jesus from the traditionally accepted books in the New Testament of the Bible, he reveals Jesus to the reader as having been not just the appointed savior of man, but also a teacher of each and every human being's own innate birthright of godhood.

Not your every day Sunday School lesson, this one requires that you keep your mind and heart open, and your thought habits and predispositions in check. I highly recommend it.