The following is a quick slide show of my published books on If you click on the book, you can go  Amazon to purchase. Details of each book appear on other pages of this site.

At the present time I have nine published books. They include 3 novels, 4 self- growth/personal transformation, one book of essays, and one expose.  I have numerous other books in the works, but I have found that the demands of our publishing company have put some of my writing on the back-burner. However, Book III of THE WAKING GOD TRILOGY IS COMPLETE and titled, THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY. Also, all three books are now in a single edition called, WAKING GOD: THE TRILOGY and is available for a low price on Amazon.  I still love to blog and maintain four sites at the present time.  I try to write with a message.  I love to make people think about different views of the Universe.  I really dislike dogma and systems or institutions that stifle free thinking and the human imagination.  I hope you get a chance to read some of my books, and always welcome emails with comments, either positive or negative about my writing and my ideas.