POLARIZING YOUR LIFE TOWARDS PERFECTION™ shows how duality consciousness can actually become your servant and a major tool in transforming your life.  It provides you with the “fine print” that is often overlooked when trying to use the Law of Attraction to make your dreams a reality. By viewing your life holistically, you can use this book in a practical way to achieve a “total life make-over!”  By using the “polarizing” techniques, you will come to the realization that perfection is not something you develop; it is something that you already are.

“Thank you for the sneak-peek of your wonderful new book.  A delightful read.  You have clarified an old concept and built upon it in such a way that real people in today's busy world can not only understand, but can implement this program into their lives.  You not only tell, but show how to use Polarization to achieve a total life make-over.  What an enjoyable breath of fresh air!”

Mary Morgan RH, INHA
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Phil Harris is a leader!  In "Polarizing Your Life Towards Perfection" he has literally charted our course toward success by assisting us in visualizing our goals as already accomplished - as in the highest possible vibrational level our minds can conceive.  We have been given the tools to realize our dreams.


In light, love, and the Angel of Abundance,
Lori Healy-Reed

Polarizing Your Life Toward Perfection



Polarizing Your Life Toward Perfection takes you beyond the Law of Attraction, beyond positive thinking, and opens the door for you to change your life-FOREVER!  Philip F. Harris takes you step-by-step with ease through his practical and fun techniques which gives you an opportunity to learn and “see” duality consciousness with a fresh perspective.  Move out of darkness and negativity to a positive, happy, and fulfilling life by reading this powerful book.